Meet Some of the World’s Greatest Marketers

Marketing is something that takes a lot of talent and skill to master successfully, but many people have that ambition and drive that makes them superb. Earning a master en marketing digital can help showcase your talents while ensuring companies sell themselves and their products. Upon earning a master en marketing digital degree, you have the opportunity to experience a rewarding career that is never going out of style. Just ask these people who have some of the best marketing game in the world. These names are some of the best marketers that the world has ever encountered; they’ve done amazing things and then some. You probably want to heed their advice and words, since they’re the best of the best.

Lily Langtry

Lilly Langtry was the first person to ever use a celebrity endorsement on a product. She published herself sexually via various platforms. Once her glamourous image was known, she developed a cosmetics line that had her name written all over it. She charged the cosmetics firm a fee of her body weight in gold for her endorsement. It worked wonderfully and all these years later, celebrity endorsement is one of the biggest marketing techniques around.

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John R. Brinkley

Inventor of broadcast advertising, John R. Brinkley built his own station in 1923. He was a physician; a quack physician, with a mission to hype his newly designed male impotence cure. The cure was implantation of testicals from goats implanted into the human body. He added Bible readings, fun, and entertainment to the broadcast and got plenty of attention from both men and women. Sadly, his impotence cure wasn’t what they’d come for in the broadcast, but it did change the lives of everyone in the world.

Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay Ash began network marketing, or the process of recruiting agents to distribute her products. In 1963, Mary Kay formed her cosmetics company, which is still one of the most reputable around nearly 60 years later! Mary Kay focused her marketing efforts on housewives who wanted some fun -and money- in their lives, helping build her success, whereas companies like Amway failed. Mary Kay even offered an amazing reward for those who were most successful with the cosmetics sales – a beautiful pink Cadillac. That reward is still up for grabs today, all these years later, and the Mary Kay name continues to flourish.

With your marketing degree, you can do the same things that the great people listed above did, and secure a great future for yourself. It takes only two more years of your life to earn a Master’s degree, where you can then take your life to new levels and accomplish beautiful things along the way. These are only a handful of the most recognized names in marketing and a plethora of additional names are out there. If you have high aspirations and big dreams of joining these marketing greats, now is your time to shine.